An awesome follow up to a great fishing story, 2012.

I had the great honor the other day speaking first hand to Keoni Honl, the little boy who in 1937 caught a huge ahi in Makaweli using his throw net! If you did not see this post, one of my earliest on this blog, find it here:

A great fishing story from Makaweli, 1937.

John Honl is now 83 years young. He indeed threw net in his childhood, and remembered that there was a newspaper article written when he caught the famous fish. He says he spent his younger years spear fishing around Oahu, then moved to Kona, Hawaii in 1957, and ran a charter fishing boat named the Kakina for around 20 years! He is now retired and collecting Hawaiian memorabilia.

Talking to him was one of the most exciting things to happen to me in my twenty years or so of dabbling in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers.

Mahalo to you, Mr. Honl!