Consul General from Japan, S. Shimizu, found, 1895 / 2014.

With the kind help of Bishop Museum volunteer Mr. K. Suzuki, the mystery is solved. The Consul General Representative for 1895 from Japan here in Hawaii nei who appears in “Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen” was Seizaburō Shimizu.

[As per a listing of the Japanese consul generals stationed in Honolulu, which is printed in Sōga, Yasutarō. 1953. Gojūnenkan no Hawai Kaiko. Tokyo: Kankōkai.]

More on Consul-General Shimizu, 1895.

[Found under: “KELA A ME KEIA.”]

Some well to do Japanese of Honolulu nei gave a large party outside of Sans Souci [Sana Susi], Waikiki, on the afternoon of this past Friday for the former Japanese Consul, and his secretary, Goro Narita. Also present was the new Consul-General (H. Shimamura) from Japan and his secretary.

[It seems Shimizu replaces Saburō Fujii as the Consul-General in November 1894 (although Gorō Narita was temporary Consul-General during the short period from November 1894 to January 1895), and Shimizu’s own term came to an end sometime in early November of 1895. In the 12/2/1895 issue of the same paper, there is a short three-line mention of the former Consul, Shimizu, returning to Japan on the Coptic of the past Thursday (11/28/1895).]

(Makaainana, 11/18/1895, p. 8)

Ua haawi ae kekahi mau Kepani...

Ka Makaainana, Buke IV—Ano Hou, Helu 21, Aoao 8. Novemaba 18, 1895.

On the search for the Japanese consul, F. Schmibu, 1895 / 2014.

We see in “Hawaii’s Story,” some of those present at the Queen’s trial were:

“The diplomatic corps, Mr. Albert F. Willis, minister of the United States, A. G. S. Hawes, British commissioner, Monsieur De Verlet, French commissioner, Senior Canavarro, Portuguese commissioner, and Mr. F. Schmibu, the Japanese consul…”

[According to Thrum’s Hawaiian Annual of 1895, Japan’s diplomatic representative was “F. Schimiczu, Eleve-Consul.”

In the Hawaii newspapers of the day, both English and Hawaiian-Language, there are also references to Consul-General Shimizu (Kanikela Kenerala Shimizu). But i still have yet to find any specific information on this man.

The four others are: Albert S. Willis, Albert G. S. Hawes, Henri L. Verleye, and Antonio de Souza Canavarro.]


Thrum’s Hawaiian Annual for 1895, p. 156.