McInerny Shoe Store ad, 1896.


We can sell these SHOES for $2.50.

Here in this picture of an exquisite shoe, you will see the kind of beautiful shoes at our Store; for men, women, children, and babies. And the price of these shoes is but $2.50, and so too is the low cost of all of the shoes. So remember friends, from Hawaii to Niihau, the place to get your beautiful shoes of all sorts, to make your walking look sharp, is at the MAKANANI Shoe Store.

[This issue is labeled “Helu 8”, but it should be “Helu 9”, and it gets corrected on 1/17/1896.]

(Oiaio, 1/14/1896, p. 2)


Ka Oiaio, Buke I, Helu 8, Aoao 2. Ianuari 14, 1896.