What’s in a name? 2012.

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Traditional names for not only places, but for rains and winds, and words in general that are not used widely today can be found in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers!!

Fireworks accident #4, 1912.

[Here is the coverage of one of the English papers taken from Chronicling America. Notice how the name given is “Kaleihiena”. This is not to say that the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers did not have typos. Some papers were more prone to typos than others…]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 1/5/1912, p. 7)


The Hawaiian Gazette, Vol. LV, No. 2, P. 7. January 5, 1912.

More on different papers, 1912.

Yesterday, we saw three different articles from three different papers reporting on the same incident. Just as we need to look in all of the available Hawaiian-Language Newspapers to see how an event was covered, we should not neglect the other language papers as well….

Here for instance is an article talking about the same event from one of the English papers.