Population of Hawaii, 1838.


This is something translated from a haole document.

“How many people are there currently in the Hawaiian Archipelago? Is that something that is clear? We believe, it is not. In the census in 1836, there were 108,759 people total, however in 1832, there were 130,318, like this:

1832 1836 Decrease over 4 years
Hawaii 45,792 38,364 6,428
Maui 35,062 24,199 10,863
Molokai 6,000 6,000
Lanai 1,600 1,200 400
Kahoolawe 80 80
Oahu 29,755 27,809 1,946
Kauai 10,977 8,934 2,043
Niihau 1,047 993 54
130,313 108,579 21,734

If these figures are true, then it is clear that there has been a decrease of 21,734 people in the total population over four years. Is that truly the decrease in the population of Hawaii nei? It is imperative that the alii of this archipelago investigate and make it clear, and should they check and if this is indeed the decrease, they must quickly find a way to stop the deaths of their people. If this way of life goes on for another few years, then the population will be miniscule and perhaps only the alii will survive and they will not have people to care for them; there will be no one to farm a bit of land passed down from the ancestors. Therefore it is imperative for the sake of the alii and the people that the alii put great effort into this, and this is what we strongly ask of them to do a great count of all of the people of this nation. It is important to document the names of everyone, whether they are men, or women, or girls or boys, and their occupation, their age, and whether they are married or not. Also, it is important that this effort be explained so that people understand to prevent them from hiding themselves and their family, like they do when they are being tallied for taxation [hookupu ana]. And after two years or three pass, there should be another count, although it really is important to do it every year. This shouldn’t be very hard to do in a land of very few people. This is what should be understood.”

If there is an clear decrease, there should immediately be something done to curtail it.

(Kumu Hawaii, 12/5/1838, p. 55)


Ke Kumu Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 14, Aoao 55. Dekemaba 5, 1838.