Mele hua inoa for the new year! 1869.

An acrostic poem from a hundred and fifty years ago!


Olioli Makahiki Hou.

O—li—O—li makahiki h—O—u:
L—a e—L—u ai na manawa—L—ea,
I—ho—I—ke no ko kakou hil—I—nai,
O—k—O—kakou la makahiki hO—u,
L—ae—L—oaa ole ai kona—L—ike
I—na—I—waena o ka makah—I—ki;
M—ai—Mua mai a hiki i ka—M—uli,
A—ole—A—u mea e hoohalike—A—i,
K—e —K—eu hookahi i ka ma—K—ahiki,
A— k—A—mua no hoi i ka makA—hiki,
H—ea—H—a ke kumu o ka—H—auoli
I—ke—I—a la i hoomanao nu—I—ia?
K—a—K—aou anei ia e a—K—e nei?
I—h—I—aai nui ai hoi e—I—ke?
H—ea—H—a! 365 na la me 6—H—ora
O—k—O—ka honua ho—Opuni ana,
U—a p—U—ni ka La: Lamak—U o ke ao.

[Happy New Year
Happy new year:
Day to give donations,
To prove our beliefs,
Of our new year,
A day like no other,
In the year;
From beginning to end,
I have nothing to compare it to
It is the greatest in the year,
And the first in the year,
For what is the joy
On this day that is…

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