Marriages, Births, & Deaths, 1924.


Edward Burke Peterson to Helen L. Chillingworth, Dec. 15.
Henry  Lau Tau to Elizabeth Hore, Dec. 25.
Charles R. Bye to Mable L. Titcomb, Dec. 26.
John K. N. Mahelona to Emily N. Akau, Dec. 29.
John R. Desha to Eleanor L. Holt, Dec. 31.
Ernest Peterson to T. E. Wailehua, Dec. 31.
Samuel K. Kaluna to Annie K. Kauka, Dec. 31.
Joseph Kahawai to Hannah Pipi, Dec. 31.


To William Puaoi and Elizabeth Rodrigues, a son, Dec. 24.
To Mr. and Mrs. Solomon A. Halualani, a son, Dec. 26.
To John A. S. De Fries and Rebecca Kua, a daughter, Jan. 3.
To Kealoha Kinney and Harriet Awa, a daughter, Jan. 6.
To Fred William Klug and Dora M. K. Paakamia [? Dora M. K. Pokamia], a son, Jan. 7.


Pedro Kaimihana, on Mission Street, Jan. 1.
Hoomau Kohina, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 2.
Charles Punohu, at Oahu Prison, Jan. 2.
Leialoha Makanoa, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 2.
Mildred K. Wilscon, on the steamship Kilauea, Jan. 2.
John Pololu, on Kellett Street, Jan. 2.
Dick Richard Jr., on Houghtailing Street, Jan. 3.
Harriet Morton, at the Children’s Hospital, Jan. 4.
Ezekiela Kala on Punchbowl Street [alanui Puowaina], Jan. 4.
Kauleikanaka Paakaula, on Coral Street, Jan. 4.
Mary Paaluhi, on Auld Street, Jan. 4.
Norma Leilani Hoke, on Pua Lane, Jan. 4.
Manaole Kamakawiwoole, in Honolulu, Jan. 4.
Wailua, at Lunalilo Home, Jan. 5.
Rebecca De Fries, at the Queen’s Hospital, Jan. 5.
Samuel Keluaipaka, on Liliha Street, Jan. 6.
Daniel P. Paniani, on Ilaniwai Street, Jan. 7.

(Kuokoa, 1/10/1924, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXIII, Helu 2, Aoao 6. Ianuari 10, 1924.


Great granddaughter born to Samuel K. Kekoowai, 1922.


A letter arrived from my granddaughter informing her tutu that she brought forth into this world of light, a daughter from her loins, on Thursday, the 12th of this October, 1922, at 9:30 a.m.

She asked also for me to name that great-grandchild of mine, and so I followed through and gave the ancestral name, Miss May Kaaoliko Kahalakupumaikai-o-Aina-manuhaaipo Manouluae. Continue reading

Eliza Haumea is born, 1921.


On Friday last week, a plump new lady named Eliza arrived in this world of light from the loins of Mrs. David Bonabare Haumea [David Bonaparte Haumea]. She is a healthy child this day; and she makes ten children for Mr. Haumea and his second wife; two have passed on to the other world and eight remain living, and added together with the three living children with his wife [former wife?], and his many grandchildren, this is a family that is increasing the lahui.

Mr. Haumea is an officer stationed at the corner of Fort and Merchant streets, and is someone who has been employed as an officer for a very long time. Long live the child until she is of old age.

[Last year I posted an article with more on David Bonaparte Haumea and a picture to boot!]

(Kuokoa, 10/7/1921, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIX, Helu 40, Aoao 1. Okatoba 7, 1921.

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Lydia K. Keaumoku, 1876.

[Found under: “Nu Hou Kuloko.”]

A flower blossomed.—At 9 o’clock A. M. of Thursday, the 9th of this month, a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lydia K. Keaumoku, at Kapaakea, Waikiki. This is their first child gotten in their youth; but there is one regretful thing, that the husband is separated at Kalawao because of the problem; if not, they would have more offspring. The baby’s size when it was born was 9 pounds.

(Kuokoa, 3/11/1876, p. 2)

Mohala ka pua.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 11, Aoao 2. Maraki 11, 1876.

The birth of the future Kamehameha IV, 1839.

Honolulu March 4.

Kinau just gave birth, on the sabbath, Feb. 9, to a son. Kauikeaouli named him, Liholiho, for his older brother who died in foreign lands; and he took him as a child. He is living in the court of the King.

(Lama Hawaii, 3/14/1834, p. 2)

Honolulu Maraki 4.

Ka Lama Hawaii, Makahiki 1, Helu 5, Aoao 2. Maraki 14, 1834.

More on reported child of Piilani, 1893.

[Found under: “LOCAL AND GENERAL.”]

It was currently reported around Waimea and Lihue last week by the natives that Piilani, the pretty wife of Koolau, the leper outlaw, gave birth to another child about three weeks ago, and that the mother and child were coing well at their home on the Waimea mountains.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 8/29/1893, p. 9)

It was currently reported...

Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XXVIII, Number 35, Page 9. August 29, 1893.