More on officers of Ahahui Kamehameha, 1923.


After waiting a whole year after the death of Prince Kalanianaole, the Aliiaimoku of the Ahahui Kamehameha [Royal Order of Kamehameha], John C. Lane was chosen the replacement to fill his hole, so that he is the present head of the Ahahui Kamehameha until his replacement is elected sometime in the future when the officers are chosen.

John C. Lake was chosen aliiaimoku on the 29th of January, and in other words, he is the head of all of the chapters who are members of the Ahahui Kamehameha.

In that meeting that was held, it was decided that the organization would hold regularly every year, a day of remembrance for Prince Kalanianaole, the one who organized and established the Ahahui Kamehameha from when he was very young until it became the hugest of all Hawaiian organizations.

On this year, the 25th of March will be the day that the Ahahui Kamehameha will remember Prince Kalanianaole, by holding a prayer gathering at Kawaiahao Church, and invitations were sent to the other Hawaiian organizations of this town to join along in this gathering of remembrance.

For that meeting of remembrance, it is hoped that all the Hawaiian organizations will wear their uniforms, and in the afternoon of that day, the Ahahui Kamehameha will hold a party with all of the officers in attendance, and they will all eat as one of the foods prepared.

Up until this time, the main islands of Hawaii nei have all established their own chapters; Maui was the last island to join as a chapter in this organization, this past December.

To increase the membership of the Ahahui Kamehameha, it will be the duty of the members of this organization to search out and find new members here forth, with no confusion as to the number of new members that are to join.

The Ahahui Kamehameha on Kauai is the Ahahui Kaumualii, with its membership reaching about 200, and A. G. Kaulukou is the Mamoalii.

The organization on Hawaii Island is called Ahahui Mamalahoa, and William H. Beers is the Mamoalii.

The Ahahui Hawaii is the name of the organization here on Oahu, and B. N. Kahalepuna is the Mamoalii, with its membership of 250.

The Ahahui and their Officers

Here below are the officers of the Ahahui Kamehameha (Oahu):

1. Aliiaimoku, Prince Jonah K. Kalanianaole (deceased).

2. Alii, Dr. George H. Huddy. 3.

Officers of the Ahahui Kamehameha.

B. N. Kahalepuna, Mamo Alii; James H. Boyd (deceased). 4. Alii, Abraham Fernandez (deceased).

5. Alii, Charles H. Rose; 6. Alii, Carlos A. Long; 7. Alii, George E. Smithies (deceased); 8. Alii, Nagaram Fernandez (deceased).

9. Alii, James L. Holt; 10. Alii, David Kanuha; 11. Alii, Charles L. Oio; 12. Alii, John K. Kamanoulu.

13. Aliiaimoku, John C. Lane (replacement for Prince Kalanianaole); 14. Alii, Moreno K. Hulu; 15. Alii, Joseph K. Kanepuu (deceased); 16. Alii, William Chung Hoon.

17. Hope Aliiaimoku, William Chung Hoon, Jr.; 18. Alii, Edward K. Wongham; 19. Alii, Andrew I. Bright; 20. Alii, David K. Hoapili, Sr.

21. Alii, Eli J. Crawford; 22. Alii, Reuben Kinney; 23. Alii, Henry H. Williams.

24. Alii, Stephen L. Desha, Sr.; 25. Alii, George L. Desha, Sr.; 26. Alii, Samuel K. Pua.

The Ahahui Kaumualii.

27. Alii, J. Mahiai Kaneakua; 28. Alii, Nicholas K. Hoopii.

J. K. Mokumaia, Kaukaualii; William Punohu, Laualii; Edward K. Kea, Kakaolelo; William Chung Hoon, Jr., Kuauhau; Edward K. Wongham, Aipuupuu.

Oscar P. Cox, Kahuna; Joseph H. Akina, Kuhikuhipuuone; Henry Kelii, Pukaua Nui.

Samuel K. Kakelaka, Pukaua Iki; Samuel Manu, Kiai Loko; Samuel M. Williams, Kiai Waho.

Board of Trustees—William Ahia, Henry H. Williams, J. R. Desha.

Ahahui Mamalahoa.

This chapter of the Ahahui Kamehameha was established on April 18, 1907, and these are the officers:

William H. Beers, Mamo Alii; Stephen L. Desha, Sr., George L. Desha, Sr., and Samuel K. Pua.

Ahahui Kaumualii.

This chapter of the Ahahui Kamehameha was established in December 1918, and these are the officers:

A. G. Kaulukou, Mamo Alii; John Hano, Kaukaualii; I. K. Kaauwai, Sr., Laualii.

S. K. Kaahu, Kakaolelo; Henry Blake, Kuauhau; W. O. Crowell, Aipuupuu; H. W. Waiau, Kahuna.

Samuel Keliinoi, Kuhikuhipuuone; John Naleimaile, Pukaua Nui; E. C. Lovell, Pukaua Iki; F. W. Akana [?], Kiai Loko; David Pele, Kiai Waho.

The Alii:—J. Mahiai Kaneakua, Nicholas K. Hoopi.

Ahahui Kahekili.

In the month of December, on the 2nd, of 1922, recently past, this chapter was established, and the officers are:

W. E. Bal, Sr., Kaukaualii; Clem Crowell, Laualii; Frang K. Kalua, Kakaolelo; C. F. N. Rose, Kuauhau; Charles Wilcox, Aipuupuu; Stephen Lake, Kahuna; William Hoopii, Kuhikuhipuuone; George Kauwenaole, Pukaua Nui.

J. Hiona, Pukaua Iki; M. Ross, Kiai Loko; W. Cockett, Kiai Waho.

Executive Committee—S. E. Kalama, Guy Goodness, W. F. Kaae.

[Does anyone know if the name of the member of the Ahahui Kaumualii is “F. W. Akana”? It is hard to read from the image online…]

(Kuokoa, 2/15/1923, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXII, Helu 7, Aoao 3. Feberuari 15, 1923.