Levi Haalelea dies, 1864.

Another Chief Dead.—The Honorable Levi Haalelea died at his residence “Holani” in Honolulu, on the 3d inst., of aneurism, aged 42 years. He was born at Lahaina in 1822, and was the son of Haalou, Governor of Molokai, under Kalaimoku. His mother was Kipa. By his marriage about 1848 to Kekauonohi, a daughter of Kamehameha I, he became a Noble, and until his death held a seat in the House of Nobles. His only brother was Haalilio, the well-known and accomplished commissioner who accompanied Mr. Richards to Europe. Some two or three years since, Haalelea married Amoe, daughter of a Chinese merchant of Hilo, who survives him. He leaves no issue, his only child, Kamalalehua, being dead. The deceased leaves a large estate comprising valuable lands all over the islands, acquired mostly by marriage with Kekauonohi. Haalelea was favorably known among foreigners as a man of character and worth, and very gentlemanly in all his intercourse with them. He was an honor to the Alii family, which has now become reduced to a mere handful in number. His funeral, we learn, will not take place for some three or four weeks.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 10/8/1864, p. 2)

Another Chief Dead.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume IX, Number 14, Page 2. October 8, 1864.