A view of the current state and the future of Hawaii, 1916.

What is to Become of Hawaii?

(Written for the Puuhonua.)

As time goes on, the Hawaiian People move backwards.

Why is this?

First. Because they are not united. Because of the lack of aloha for their own. Because they do not support each other. Because they do not help one another.

Second. Because of greed. Because of wastefulness. Because of the love of alcohol. Because of not being thrifty. For their not thinking of and neglecting  God.

It is clear that the Hawaiian people are shoved up against a wall; as the malihini white-skinned people come in droves to this land, so are the Hawaiians People pushed against a wall, they are new, but already they have settled themselves in; there are only but a few years left, you can count them on your fingers; the Hawaiians will have no Power in Government of their beloved land which God bestowed upon them.

Therefore, now is the time to stand firm, to think, and to come together, to give aloha to your own people, to be courageous, to economize, to be vigilant, to help each other, to go down on bended knee and ask God to free us from that whirlpool of naught, and to bring us to state of plenty.

Just as King Kauikeaouli proclaimed to the Hawaiian Nation, about kneeling down on bended knee and praising the Glorious Name of the Lord of hosts, to restore the Sovereignty of the Land (the Flag), that was stripped away by George Paulette, and what came about was that the flag was returned without ever being troubled again by Great Britain; so too with this.

For there is no time left to dally; we’ve lost our independence, we have no Power for Governmental Reform, as a result of our neglect, waste, and so forth; and our beloved Mother Tongue will be lost for all times. Hawaiians are being selected for positions under the Government.

Therefore, if you possess some aloha, some affection, some sentiment for the lifestyle of our People, now is the time; let us join in thought, in cooperation, like one great rope made of many strands, until we are able to pull massive things, like huge islands; that is what we need to do in these ongoing times.

ALOHA LAHUI [Love for the People].
Honolulu, July 5, 1916.

(Puuhonua, 7/7/1916, p. 4)

E Aha ia Ana Hawaii?

Ka Puuhonua, Buke III, Helu 25, Aoao 4. Iulai 7, 1916.