Hervey W. Pogue, steel guitarist and violinist, 1938.

MUSICIAN DIES—Hervey W. Pogue, famed steel guitar artist and violinist, died in New York City on September 27. He was born in Maui and was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William F. Pogue of Haiku, Maui. The elder Pogue was chairman of the Maui board of supervisors for several terms.

(Honolulu Advertiser, 10/16/1938, p. 4)


Honolulu Advertiser, 83rd Year, Number 18,650, Page 4. October 16, 1938.

Steel guitar teacher, Harvey W. Pogue, passes on, 1938.


News from New York was received about the passing of Harvey W. Pogue or Pokue in Hawaiian, one of the boys of the Pokue family on Maui, one of the local families of that island; and for a time his father served as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors [Papa Lunakiai] for Maui. Continue reading