Rabbits for the Prince, 1861.

For the Prince—The Russian steamer Morge, brought among other curiosities from Peru, a pair of pure white rabbits of a variety said to be very scarce. They are a present to the Prince of Hawaii from Capt. Montresor, of H. B. M. Ship Havannah, whom our readers will remember. The Prince will be as much delighted with his new companions as other boys we know of are. The rabbits were sent up to Kailua yesterday by the schooner Kekauluohi.

[It is very interesting to compare this article with a Hawaiian-Language one found in the Kuokoa on 12/16/1861!]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 12/5/1861, p. 2)

For the Prince.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume VI, Number 23, Page 2. December 5, 1861.