Naha Stone to be moved, 1916.


(Special Star-Bulletin Correspondence)

HILO, March 10.—At last preparations are being made for the conveying of the famous Na-ha stone fro the John Scott property to the site selected for it on the Hilo library lot. The big stone, which must weigh several tons, is to be brought down on rollers, as it is too heavy and cumbersome to handle by motor-truck or any other kind of vehicle.

Big rollers have been procured, and they will be placed under the stone in such a way that the rock can be slid down from its present resting place to the desired location, where it will be so placed that tourists and town folk can inspect it at their leisure.A plate will be attached to the stone and on it the legend in connection with the wanderings of the historic relic will be set forth.

The stone originally came from Kauai where it was used in certain religious ceremonies after the birth of a child of high degree. The legend has it that the first Kamehameha rolled the stone over after a terrific struggle in which he used so much strength that the blood burst from his eyes.

(Star Bulletin, 3/14/1916, p. 14)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXIII, Number 7463, Page 14. March 14, 1916.

Vital Statistics Column, October 27, 1911.


Arthur V. Lloyd to Annie Enos, Sept. 27.
John Pieper to Hannah South, Oct. 5.
Daniel Mookini to Elizabeth Makaipo, Oct. 11.
Kiliwelio Kapolino to Jane Kanui, Oct. 19.
Foo Luo Wing to Annie Kakia Lum Sing, Oct. 21.


To G. W. Wallace and Lilian Alice Robertson, a son, Oct. 2.
To Chan Sing and Mary Kawelo, a daughter, Oct. 4.
To John Stone and Mary Lilcoln [Lincoln?], a son, Oct. 9.
To Abraham Ahlo and Julian Aiu, a son, Oct. 10.
To James L. Pilipo and Malie Palau, a son, Oct. 17.
To George Hiram and Felmina Kuelo, a son, Oct. 18.
To Harry K. Clark and Adelaide Kahookano, a daughter, Oct. 22.


John Roberts, at the Children’s Hospital, Oct. 14.
A baby of Mrs. Pierce, on Cartwright Road, Oct. 14.
Mrs. Mary Desker, on Young Street, Oct. 16.
Miss Eliza Cockett, on Fort Street, Oct. 24.
Joe Kane, at the Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 24.

(Kuokoa, 10/27/1911, p. 8 )

Na Mare. Na Hanau. Na Make.

Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVII, Helu 43, Aoao 8. Okatoba 27, 1911.