Kawelo story by S. K. Kawailiula, 1861.

Story of Kawelo.

Maihuna was the kane and Malaiakalani his wahine; the two of them lived in Hanamaulu on Kauai. Malaiakalani was with child and gave birth to a son, and they called their first born, Kawelomahamahaia; and they were with child once again, and Kaweloikiakoo was born, and after him was born a daughter, and she was called Kaenakuokalani, and after her was born Kawelo, and called Kaweloleimakua, and he is the one who this moolelo is about, and after him was born Kamalama, their youngest sibling, and that was the last of their generation.

[This is how the moolelo of Kawelo written by S. K. Kawailiula starts off. This telling appears in Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika from 9/26/1861 to 12/5/1861.]

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 9/26/1861, p. 1)

Mooolelo no Kawelo.

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke I, Helu 1, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 26, 1861.