Sun Yat Sen arrives, 1903.

Doctor Sun Yet Sen [Sun Yat Sen].

With the arrival of the steamship Siberia this past Monday from the ports of the East, Doctor Sun Yat Sen arrived in Honolulu, the Chinese man who is shaking the hereditary throne of the Empress Dowager of China, and the one who is feared by those  loyal to the throne all over China [aina pua].

He came quietly; it was not known that he was coming, and here he is staying with a friend. He came from Yokohama, Japan, where he was living for a long time to plan an uprising in China.

He is a young man educated in Hawaii nei at the College of Iolani, and he is a cousin of S. Ahmi, that wealthy Chinese man of Maui. He will perhaps be here for three months in Hawaii, and he will maybe spend some time with his cousin in Maui.

Sun Yat Sen is a young Chinese educated in Hawaii, and from here, he moved to England to study medicine. He travelled around the world, and after seeing the different governments of the world, he realized that here are the Chinese at the rear of progress in this age of enlightenment.

Because of this, within him grew the thought to return to China to start to educate the Chinese in things of progress, however, the government resisted. Therefore, there grew a struggle between the government and the people who want the nation of China to move forward and be equal to the other countries of the world; and this resulted in the start of a revolution.

In the month of September 1900, Sun Yat Sen took the leadership of young Chinese in starting a revolutionary war against the government. The Manchu [Manaku] of China. When he began the uprising, it was found that he only had 600 soldiers under his leadership for this revolution against the government with a population of four hundred million people

He decided to create a Republic in China, and this was his first act. 4,000 soldiers were sent to fight against him, and in the beginning, he was winning. However, because the inciting of uprisings in other places in China did not go well, the government soldiers were not dispersed, and so they came down in force upon Doctor Sun. He was crushed and some of his fellow leaders were captured and beheaded.

He fled from China after being routed, however, this did not end his efforts to incite a revolution to crush the government which holds the Chinese people in stupidity.

This name of Sun Yat Sen is feared by the royalty of China, and therefore, they proclaimed that a great sum of money will be given to the person who brings the head of that person who they fear before the throne of the Empress Dowager of China.

He is putting effort into raising substantial funds to start a new revolution in China.

These days, Sun Yat Sen is famous all over the world, and he is called the “Morning Star of the Progressive Era of China.”

(Kuokoa, 10/16/1903, p. 8)

Kauka Sun Yet Sen.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLI, Helu 42, Aoao 8. Okatoba 16, 1903.