Levi Haalelea’s genealogy, 1931.


I am Z. P. Kalokuokamaile living in Honolulu and the County of Honolulu in the Territory of Hawaii, and this is the 83rd year of my life; and in my [sentence stops here]┬╣

Those who are inflicted with suffering are the ones who made known and clear to me the genealogy of Levi Haalelea (m) who died earlier, all the way to his granddaughter who is living until now, that being Mrs. Mary Kealiiwahamana Shipman (f) and her own younger sister, Mrs. Maraea Nihoa Kahikinaokala Lo (f), as is made clear below:

Keaweopala (m) with Haki (f), born was Ahumaikealake’a (f), Kauwa (f), Keholo (m).

Kauwa (f) [with] Eia (m), [born was] Kapau (f), Naea (m), I (f), Charles Kanaina (m).

Ahumakealake’a (f) with Haaleleaina (m), born was Kipa (f).

Keholo (m) with Piipii (f), born was H. Kipa (f).

Keholo (m) with Kamakaiwa (f), born was Namu’o (f), Kahuakaiola (m).

Namu’o (f) with Keliikanakaole (m), born was Levi Haalelea (m).

Levi Haalelea (m) with Nihoa (f), born was Keliiilihuneoleleiohokuohaalelea (f).

Keliiilihuneoleleiohokuohaalele (f) with Keaomakani (m), born was Mrs. Mary Kealiiwahamana Shipman (f) and her younger sibling Miss Maraea Nihoa Kahikinaokala Lo (f) who are living today.

This is the extent and all that I know from my kupuna.

And should there be a genealogy published earlier perhaps published from here forth, and should it not be the same as this, I vehemently renounce it that the genealogy is all wrong.


[There were not that many around at that time that would make that kind of statement. This was Z. P. Kalokuokamaile!]

┬╣This is somewhat reprinted from an article in the previous issue of the same newspaper, and in that article, it reads “…and this is the 83rd year of my life; and I swear to the truth of what I know and clearly understand about the genealogy of Levi Haalelea (m) who died earlier…”

(Alakai o Hawaii, 10/29/1931, p. 2)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 3, Helu 26, Aoao 2. Okatoba 29, 1931.