More on the building of the Bishop Museum, 1902.

Sent to Minnesota


Aboard the Clipper Ship, S. N. Castle, were taken koa trees from the two Kona [North and South Kona] for cases and other decorations for the Museum standing at the Kamehameha School. The koa trees will be taken to San Francisco and from there they will be taken aboard steam locomotive to Minnesota, and there they will be made into beautiful glass cases [ume aniani] or perhaps beautiful stairs for the planned annex for the Museum.

These koa trees were selected from places in Kona, Hawaii, and when they are fashioned, they will be fine decorations. When the idea for a new annex first came up, the lack of koa was noticed, being that only native woods were wanted for the interior. People were soon sent to the two Kona to search for koa fitting for the purpose, and when it was found, it was sent here to Honolulu. All together, the gathered lumber totals 26,000 feet. They weigh seven tons. Being that the job was given to a company in Minnesota, the koa was sent there, and from there it will return to Hawaii nei.

(Kuokoa, 1/31/1902, p. 6)

Hoounaia no Minesota

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XL, Helu 5, Aoao 6. Ianuari 31, 1902.

Liliu’s birthday reported in far away Minnesota, 1912.

Birthday of Former Queen.

Honolulu, Sept. 2.—Former Queen Liliuokalani, who entered upon her seventy-fifth year today, held a large public reception in honor of the anniversary. During the day she received presents and messages of congratulations from friends and followers in all parts of the islands.

[Although they made a math error (which it seems I am prone to as well), being this was her 74th birthday, it is interesting to see that this made the front page in Minnesota.]

(Bemidji Daily Pioneer, 9/2/1912, p. 1)

Birthday of Former Queen.

The Bemidji Daily Press, Volume 10, Number 108, Page 1. September 2, 1912.