Mary Robins and a fun fishing story, 1918.


Please be patient with me, O Editor of the Kuokoa Newspaper, and include my little news from the day of Washington’s birthday.

At 3 p. m., we went walking around the pier of the lighthouse to check out what was new; we saw the fireworks and heard its sound, and saw an American flag with a balloon carrying this flag so beautiful to see.

After that, we spotted a huge octopus headed towards us, then it went below the pier, stayed there quietly for a minute or so, and then we saw it again beneath some big rocks; I went down to go find a place where I could stick my hands in, and when I saw it was the right time to grab the big hee, there were two things I felt at the same time, fear and regret; I pushed aside my fear and it was the feeling of regret that I concentrated on, whereupon I grabbed the head of the hee, and its tentacles latched on tightly to the rocks, and it thought it would be victorious, but it would not be triumphant over me because I had its head grasped tightly in my hands. Continue reading