More bats found, 1905.

Mr. Lydgate over on Kauai, recently saw a specimen of the native Hawaiian bat which was supposed to be extinct. There are other kinds of bats on Kauai and elsewhere, that are neither rare nor extinct.

(Hawaiian Star, 1/20/1905, p. 4)

Mr. Lydgate over on Kauai...

The Hawaiian Star, Volume XXII, Number 4004, Page 4. January 20, 1905.

Opeapea from Hilea, 1887.


By the W. G. Hall of last Wednesday, Mr. F. L. Clarke received from Mr. C. N. Spencer, of Hilea, a good specimen of a Hawaiian bat. The native name is “Opeapea” or “Olepe.” The specimen sent measures 6 inches from tip to tip of the extended wings. The body is about the size of that of a mouse. The ears are quite large in proportion to the head. The profile to the little fellow shows a “snub” nose, retreating forehead and wide mouth, in fact, it may be called an “ugly mug.” The specimen is preserved in alcohol, and will be placed in the National Museum.

(Daily Bulletin, 2/17/1887, p. 2)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume XI, Number 1562, Page 2. February 17, 1887.