And yet more from the Saturday Press, including a ditty, 1884.

More True “Criticism.”

That the Government Organ, the Advertiser, is hand in glove with the perpetrators of the “Piracy” hoax, published in the S. F. Alta, is made apparent by the fact that a stereotype plate of the article was received at that office per Alameda, and from which the ‘extra’ was printed.—Gazette.

Notwithstanding the snarling jealousy of our antiquated neighbor, it is the intention of the proprietors of the Advertiser to repeat the enterprise shown by them on Tuesday last. No expense will be spared to furnish the most interesting news within an hour of each steamer’s arrival. By the Zealandia, we expect something special that will afford further criticism for our out-of-date, old-time-custom, weakly  contemporary,—Advertiser.

“Auwe! Auwe!”
Said the P. C. A.
“You horrid horrid Gazette,
Virtuous fellers is we
As ever the world did see,
And ‘enterprizen.’
As pizen.
Do you think, as you wink,
O! big blanket G.,
That we
Was a goin to give the thing away
And say
As how we got ‘lectrotypes from ‘Frisco
And printed em brisk so
The town would roll up its eyes and say
‘How awfully clever!’ ‘Now did you ever!’?
We never thought any one here would spy
The little wee rent in the great big lie.
Wich is w’y we cry,
Wich is w’y we wail,
Wich is w’y the ‘Tizer dog droops his tail,
For the lie un-nailed made a very big bang;
But the lie found out was a boomerang.”

(Saturday Press, 12/27/1884, p. 3)

"More True Criticism."

Saturday Press, Volume V, Number 17, Page 3. December 27, 1884.

Place name list, 1883.

Here is the beginning of a list of place names found in  Saturday Press.

It is introduced like this:


“[The names given below are Hawaiian geographical names—towns, districts, estates, mountains, valleys, bays, rivers, etc., which English readers are likely to come across in historical or newspaper reading. Translations are given when a satisfactory English rendering is possible. This dictionary will be continued as complete as possible.]”

(Saturday Press, 8/11/1883, p. 4)