Maori in Hawaii, 1899.

Speech of the New Zealander.

Wheraliko Rawei, a man from New Zealand [Nu Kilani], gave [a speech] in the YMCA building [Hale o ka Hui Opio] of Honolulu nei. The topic of his presentation pertained to New Zealand, the land of the Maori people.

He is a native New Zealander, and is fluent in English. He was well educated in that language in schools of the land of his birth.

His presentation was enhanced with lime light pictures [kii hoolele aka]; these pictures were of the very famous places of his homeland. His speech was made very delightful with songs of New Zealand.

There were many people of this town who showed up to listen to his speech. All of the seats were filled by the spectators, and some people stood. He gave another presentation on this past Thursday.

(Kuokoa, 9/29/1899, p. 1)

Haiolelo a ka Nu Kilani.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXVIII, Helu 39, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 29, 1899.