Another English mele for Ikua Purdy folks, 1908.


From the sun-dried plains of Texas
From the rolling Northern lands,
From East and West they sent their best,
With chap and spur and flying vest,
And lariats in their hands.

From o’er the world came champions,
All strange alike to fear,
Each full of hope his whirling rope
Would be the quickest one to cope
With swiftly-running steer.

Alas! for all those champions—
From far across the sea,
With face all tanned and steady hand,
To meet the best in all the land,
Came our Hawaiian Three.

Aloha, then, to Purdy,
To Archie and Jack Low!
Those ropes may fly in skillful try,
But they must come to fair Hawaii
To learn the way to throw.


(Hawaiian Gazette, 8/25/1908, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume LI, Number 68, Page 3. August 25, 1908.

Mele and more for Ikua Purdy and the lads …in English, 1908.


Purdy, the sturdy, we’ve heard he has won.
For the little old isles of Hawaii,
The world’s roping contest, and what he has done
Is a plum in our promotion pie.

Kaaua took second, while sixth man was Low
In the steer-stringing stunt of the earth,
And it’s up to the cow-catching artists to know
What our lariat laddies are worth.

Three cheers, then, for Purdy, and then just a few
For Archie and Jack, three times three!
The boys of Hawaii who gallantly threw
For the fame of these Gems of the Sea!

A Saturday cable dispatch from Cheyenne, Wyoming, announces that Ikua Purdy of Hawaii won the world’s steer roping championship at the Frontier Day contest on that day and at that place. His time was fifty-six seconds. Archie Kaaua took third place and Jack Low was sixth.

These three men of Hawaii were contesting against the world’s best ropers.

Purdy, here, has a record of 38 3-4 seconds, but conditions differ. In December last, in the Wild West Show [contests at Kapiolani Park Makai Keliilike made 56 1-2 seconds. Angus McPhee holds the present record of 37 2-5 seconds, made at Cheyenne a year ago. Since then he was defeated.

(Hawaiian Star, 8/28/1908, p. 6)


Hawaiian Star, Volume XVI, Number 5117, Page 6. August 24, 1908.