North Dakota reports on Liliu’s birthday, 1913.


Honolulu, Sept. 2.—Former Queen Liliuokalani reached the age of seveney-five years today. As has been her custom for many years, the former queen held a formal reception which was attended by American and Hawaiian officials and several thousand native Hawaiians irrespective of rank or position.

(Bismark Daily Tribune, 9/3/1913, p. 8)


Bismark Daily Tribune, Thirty-Third Year, Number 208, Page 8. September 3, 1913.

And Virginia also reports Liliu’s birthday on the front page, 1911.

Lilioukalani is 73

Honolulu, Sept. 2.—Former Queen Liliuokalani reached the age of 73 years today. In accordance with her custom the former Queen celebrated the anniversary by holding a large public reception.

(Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, 9/8/1911, p. 1)

Lilioukalani is 73

Staunton Spectator and Vindicator, Volume 91, Number 23, Page 1. September 8, 1911.

Liliu’s birthday reported in far away Minnesota, 1912.

Birthday of Former Queen.

Honolulu, Sept. 2.—Former Queen Liliuokalani, who entered upon her seventy-fifth year today, held a large public reception in honor of the anniversary. During the day she received presents and messages of congratulations from friends and followers in all parts of the islands.

[Although they made a math error (which it seems I am prone to as well), being this was her 74th birthday, it is interesting to see that this made the front page in Minnesota.]

(Bemidji Daily Pioneer, 9/2/1912, p. 1)

Birthday of Former Queen.

The Bemidji Daily Press, Volume 10, Number 108, Page 1. September 2, 1912.

More celebrating of the Queen’s 74th birthday, 1912.

Kauikeaouli Society

On this past Labor Day, the birthday of Queen Liliuokalani, the members of the Liliuokalani Society and the women of the Kauikeaouli Society gave a luau at Mooheau Hall. Invited to that luau were the heads of the other Societies. They partook of the kindness of the Sisters until their stomachs were filled [ua lawa loa ka lua o ka inaina]. The following night, a European dance was held and many people assembled there, and the event that night was let out peacefully. We pray that the ways of this Society will be followed for the good of the public.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 9/5/1912, p. 3)

Ka Hui Kauikeaouli

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 7, Helu 14, Aoao 3. Sept. 5, 1912.