Kamehameha Schools column in Hoku o Hawaii, 1940.


By John Desha

KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOL. May 22 (Special)—Four seniors from the Big Island were graduated on May 30. They were Frances Nohoikaiu, Odetta Needham, George Mills, and Nephi Needham.

All of these students have attained a standard of which they can be proud.

George Mills and Nephi Needham have taken up at Kamehameha the agriculture course.

Frances Nohoikaiu and Odetta Needham have taken the general course at Kamehameha school for Girls.

Calvin Christ, also of Hawaii, is graduating this year. Calvin is in his high-eleventh year but is graduating with six other high-eleventh students. He has taken up the electrical course at Kamehameha and is planning to return to Hawaii where he intends to work.

KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS, May 26 (Special) — Memorial services were held for Bernice Pauahi Bishop by the Kamehameha Schools at Mauna Ala cemetery at Nuuanu on Friday, May 24.

While the school band played “Hawaii”, the students marched in and formed in a semicircles before the grave of Mrs. Bishop. The program ran in the following order:

“He Inoa No Pauahi” — Led by Daniel Hano.

“Pauahi O Kalani” — Led by Bernice Campbell.

“Boys’s School Pledge” — Led by Richard Hart.

“Pauahi Ke Alii” — Led by Amy Miller.

“Girls’ School Pledge” — Led by Florence Spencer.

“Decorating the Grave” — By the various class presidents.

“Only Remembered” — Led by Bernhardt Alama.

“Girls’ School Call” — Led by Josephine Keanoano.

A number of townspeople were present, including graduates and parents.

By D. Akaka.

KAMEHAMEHA SCHOOLS. May 22 (Special). Keanohou Ludloff of Hilo was recently elected to the post of treasurer for the coming year of the Hi Y Warriors club.

The other officers who were also elected are Robert Gomard, president, John Saber [?], vice-president, and Arthur Doo, secretary.

The present officers of the Hi Y club are James G???, president, Reuben Anderson, vice-president, John Desha, secretary, and Robert Fountain, treasurer.

“Ka oki ana o ka piko o Hale Lama” was the first sentence of a Hawaiian chant that was chanted by Kahuna pule Kahului Anderson and was interpreted by Moki Burrows, wearing malos, as “The cutting of the piko o Hale Lama” which is the ceremonial dedication of Hale Lama. A brief history of Hale Lama was presented by Louis Agard. the paina was followed by a program of dances and songs. “Aloha oe,” which was sung by the boys conducted the ritual ceremony. This ceremony marked the completion of a grass hut, constructed by students at Kamehameha schools.

Invited guests were as follows: Mrs. Lahilahi Webb, Mrs. Mary Pukui, Mrs. Keith Jones, Mrs. Margaret Bardwell, Miss Maude K. Scheiffer, Mrs. Antoinette Faahong, Dr. and Mrs. Homer F. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. L??? G. Hudson, Miss Juliana Jones, Miss Pat Namaka Wiggin, Mr. William Jones and Mr. Jack Q. Haydgen. Sponsoring the paina were the 24? members of the Hui Kumulipo and 41? members of the Hui Oiwi which were successfully advised by Miss Mabel Catlin and Mr. Donald Mitchell a total of about 100 persons attended the ceremony.

[If only papers like Hoku o Hawaii were rescanned as clearly as possible, maybe more information would be available from articles like these. Information can only be appreciated if it is legible! It is however awesome that you can actually make out that attending the opening ceremony for Hale Lama were people like Lahilahi Webb, Mary Kawena Pukui, and Pat Namaka (Wiggin) Bacon!

Oooh, and D. Akaka? Senator Daniel Akaka, class of ’42?

Once again, i am sorry if some of the names i typed are incorrect!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 6/5/1940, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXV, Number 6, Aoao 4. Iune 5, 1940.