More on Nupepa Elele and its missing pages, 2013.

Nupepa Elele. Missing Issues.

Nupepa Elele. Missing Issues.

I did a quick spreadsheet on the currently missing issues of Nupepa Elele. If we consider that each issue comprised of four pages, that would mean at this point, with approximately 561 issues missing of a total of 663 issues, that we are without information printed on 2,244 pages running from 1879 to 1892! These issues could be somewhere in these islands, or far, far away. Spread the word that we are looking for Hawaiian newspapers. More newspaper pages would give a clearer view of history/histories. Perhaps some day, i will complete one of these spreadsheets for each of the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers, showing what is available now, and what is missing.

[It is also unfortunate that a number of the issues of Nupepa Elele that do exist today are torn and taped, and in general are badly digitized, so if you are looking at them online, they are difficult (or simply impossible) to read!]

Click below for an overview of what issues of Nupepa Elele are currently extant (in black), and what is not (in red).

Nupepa Elele