Dangers of waiu luliluli! 1898.

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The soldiers of the F batallion of New York were alarmed this Monday due to a total of 40 soldiers becoming nauseous Continue reading

Kauai was ahead of the crowd back in the day! 1888.

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OUR old and esteemed friend Spitz returns to home to Nawiliwili, Kauai, this evening, after a stay of several days in the city. Mr. Spitz takes along a milkshake machine with him, and will hereafter treat the people of Nawiliwili to “shakes.”

[The first mention of milkshake machines in the newspapers seems to occur only a year earlier, in The Decatur Herald (Illinois), on 8/9/1887.]

(Evening Bulletin, 12/13/1888, p. 3)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume XIII, Number 2121, Page 3. December 13, 1888.