On patriotism, 1894.

Don’t stand up for those who proclaim wrong be right and right be wrong.



It is refreshing to hear the supporters of the revolutionary Americans accuse the loyal citizens of Hawaii of cowardice. The attitude on the 17th of January of the men, who boast of their patriotism and heroism, was not a proof of the qualities now claimed by them. The p. gs. remind us of the small boy standing behind his big and armed brother—and two policemen as guards—yelling to the lonely boy on the other side with no arms and no police: “Come on, come on you coward and I will fix you.”

The abject cowardice of the government was further illustrated today. A well-known contractor, a man of many years residence, and of unblemished standing in this community desired some cartridges for his revolver. He as many other civilized citizens enjoy during their stay at the Waikiki beach all manly sports, and he fishes, rows, jumps, boxes…

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Sacrifices by Patriots, 1893.


At the regular meeting of the Hawaiian Patriotic League, on the evening of Monday past. John Hilo [Keoni Hilo] announced before the meeting. He was a mate of the steamer Mokolii of the Wilder Steamship Company [Hui Hooholo Mokuahi o Waila ma]; for almost 10 years or more he worked for that Company. Continue reading