More on art by Nawahi, 1877.

From the Pen of the Hon. J. Nawahi.

Hilo, May 13.—My Dear Whitney, Aloha—It has not been perhaps twelve hours since we met on May 9, and there has arrived fearful news. That being the Tsunami [Kai Hoee] here in Hilo! Here are drawings [paintings?] done right soon after the flooding by the sea which I enclose. [These three pictures of the tsunami exacting its terrible act can be seen in the window of Whitney’s Book Store, Editor.] Continue reading


Mele by Hiiaka upon leaving Halemaumau, 1894.

[Found under: “He Kaao Hoonaue Puuwai no Puakaohelo”]

Ke ku nei au e hele e
A noho e na wahine o ka lua
O ka poe ino o lakou nei
E mana ka ia’u e hele e
E hele no wau e Continue reading