Henry Wilfred Waiau weds Isabela Kaheapuulani Akiona, 1911.


Mr. Solomon Hanohano, Editor, Aloha oe: Please allow me some space of the pride of the people, so that everyone from Hawaii, island of Keawe, all the way to the sun-snatching island of Manokalanipo (Kauai), knows of the marriage of Henry Wilfred Waiau of the calm seas of Kona, where you had affection in the days of your youth, distinguished by the passing of the cloud banks and the hinano flowers in the calm, with the type-setting girl of the garden island of Manokalanipo.

After Henry Wilfred Waiau spent a year or more on Kauai, Miss Isabela Kaheapuulani Akiona of the island of Manokalanipo, the island that snatches the shining rays of the sun from the tip of Kumukahi and setting at the base of Lehua, proudly took him (H. W. Waiau) and placed him in the sacred stage of the covenant of matrimony at 8 oʻclock in the evening of last Wednesday, and the two of them were joined by Rev. W. Kamau of the church of Lihue, Kauai.
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