People from Nuuhiva, 1867.

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The Nuuhivans.—Upon the sail of the New Hokuao to Fatuhiva, eight Nuuhivans returned to the land of their birth, those were the people who lived with Rev. J. Bicknell [Bikanele] in Ewa. On this past Sunday night, there was a great gathering at Kaumakapili Church, to hear the words of gratitude by some of these people as they leave Hawaii nei. Here are those who were placed in the church of Ewa from amongst these people: Daniela Kao, Davida Line, and Iakobo Hiki. And these three were the ones who gave speeches at the church in Hawaiian. All who entered listened carefully to their speaking of Hawaiian. According to them, they are returning to teach about the light of life in their unenlightened lands; and they bid all of Hawaii to pray on their return, that they may be put on land safely, and soon teach the words of the kingdom of heaven. Before being released, the entire congregation donated money for their daily needs, and $40.00 was collected, along with capes that were gifted. Last Monday, the benevolent brought gifts and gave it to the treasurer of those people. Therefore, it is as if this is the enlightening voice announcing to the devout Hawaiians to pray for them. And we can say without doubt that you will all join in in praying for them.

We are appending the names of the people who returned: Daniela Kao, Davida Lima, Iakoba Hii, and Elizabeth Kahiau. They joined the church of Ewa this year. Tahuhu, Patehe, Tahu, Waitoi, and Mego (female), did not become brethren. According to them, they came along with the Honorable John Ii; there were twenty of them. When they landed in Honolulu, 11 of them lived with John Ii, and nine went with Rev. J. Bicknell to Ewa, and one of those died; those in Honolulu from amongst them are 6. One stayed in Hawaii, and one went on a whaling ship. They came all together, and a portion returned home.

(Kuokoa, 3/30/1867, p. 2)

Na Nuuhiva.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VI, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 30, 1867.