From the suite of Queen Emma, Hoapili Kaauwai and Kiliwehi, 1866.

Hoapili W. Kaauwai and Kiliwehi.—We are curious about the attendants mentioned above, because they have not returned from the trip of the Queen, whereas they were two who joined in on the journey of Kaleleonalani when she set off for the continents of the East and the West. Therefore we question and ask, where are those two? Maybe they are staying on land or gone astray at sea? We hear a lot of stories, yet we will not lose our head and spread them at once, because here we are in Honolulu where it is said, “speculate this way, speculate that way”.¹ Tell us, O Alii and makaainana loving Hawaii.

¹”Nunu aku, nunu mai” perhaps is a variant of “Nune aku, nune mai”, and is a saying associated with busy Honolulu. Is there anyone with more information on this saying?

[There is much written about the happenings between Hoapili and Kiliwehi.]

(Kuokoa, 10/27/1866, p. 2)

Hoapili W. Kaauwai a me Kiliwehi.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke V, Helu 43, Aoao 2. Okatoba 27, 1866.