Island Princesses, 1908.



Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume VI, Number 269, Page 2. February 23, 1908.


Thirty-four pa-u riders came cantering along in four sections of color: yellow, red, orange and pink, led by Judge Andrade and Mrs. Puahi. The Kaonohiokala Club sent fifteen horse women and the Wakinekona Club eighteen equestiennes. A brave sight they made with their long pa-us fluttering in the breeze and their garlands showing bright in the sunshine.

Several of the older riders were in the parade, ladies who wore the pa-u in the pleasure-loving days of the monarchy. Very dignified were these elderly dames and very well they rode. The younger women were out for fun and they certainly had it, galloping wherever there was room to and urging their steeds on with merry shouts. The riders included the following from the Kaonohiokala Club: Mrs. Puahi, Mrs. Kaumaka, Mrs. Dias, Mrs. Kaluapapakini, Mrs. Kailianu, Mrs. Nakapaahu, Mrs. Irene Silva, Mrs. Kauwa, Mrs. Haalou, Miss Lucy Woodward, Mrs. M. Hoonani, Mrs. Maluae, Mrs. Anehilo Keama, Mrs. Stahle, Mrs. Johnson; and the following members of the Wakinekona Club: Mrs. Horn, Mrs. Kapio, Mrs. Liau, Mrs. Aiwohi, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Pumehia, Mrs. Mahi, Mrs. Isaac, Mrs. Fairman, Mrs. Kekuewa, Mrs. Kapulani, Mrs. Tuck Williams, Miss Kekua, Miss M. Hao, Mrs. Emakai, Miss Marie Hiram, Miss Julia Lui, Miss Mary Wood. Continue reading