Queen Victoria letter to Sanford Dole, 1894.

Queen Victoria to President Dole.

At midday of this past Thursday, the President gave an audience in the Executive Building [Iolani Palace] for the Queen of Britain’s Commissioner and Consul General, Mr. A. G. S. Hawes, who handed over to him personally this important national greeting from the Royal one, Queen Victoria.

Victoria, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith, Empress of India, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth.

To the President of the Republic of Hawaii, Sendeth Greeting!

Our Good Friend! We have received the letter which you addressed to us on the 7th day of July last, in which you informed us that you had been elected President of the Republic of Hawaii, in accordance with the constitution which was proclaimed on the 4th of that month. We thank you for this communication, and we request you to accept our congratulations on this distinguished mark of the confidence of your fellow citizens;and we offer you our best wishes for your health and welfare, and for the prosperity of the Republic over which you preside.

And so we commend you to the protection of the Almighty.

Given at Our Court at Balmoral the nineteenth day of September 1894, in the 58th year of our reign.

Your good friend,

(Signed by the Queen’s own hand.)

(Signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs’ own hand.)

[The queen seems to have been led to believe that Dole had the support of “his fellow citizens”…]

(Kuokoa, 11/17/1894, p. 2)

Moiwahine Victoria ia Peresidena Dole.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIII, Helu 46, Aoao 2.