Z. P. K. Kawaikaumaiikamakaokaopua’s treatise on kalaiaina, 1921–1922.


(Written by Z. P. K. Kawaikaumaiikamakaokaopua).


God gave all men wealth [waiwai]; He gave land to grow food, He gave trees to build houses and to assist in great works, He gave all growing things to fulfill the desires of men, He gave us hands and strength to work and administer the land and all things that will bring us wealth.

But when man lived in ignorance, they were very poor. The things God gave him were not made into wealth. He lived in caves or shacks, or crude and dirty structures. His clothes were leaves, or animal hide, or tree bark; he hunted wild animals for food and plants that grew wild in the forest; he did not imitate the ant who prepared a lot of food. That is how ignorant men lived poorly. They did not know where to obtain wealth. The saw the wealth of foreign lands, and were amazed at the great wealth of other lands. They did not understand that God spread upon all lands things to make great wealth.

That is why kalaiaina is important. There are many facets of that word. The soil in which farmers farm is aina. The ocean in which fishing is done is aina. The public mart is aina. Canoe carving is aina. House building is aina. Everything done to bring wealth to many people is called aina. Administering to the different aina is how to gain wealth and it was called kalaiaina by the writers of old. Continue reading