More on George Glendon and Samoa, 1890.


George Glendon, formerly of Honolulu, died suddenly at Apia, June 23d, from natural causes. He was one a member of the Hawaiian Legislature and after a school teacher. Embezzlement of school money got him in trouble. He went to Apia about a year ago and advertised as an attorney-at-law, but, owing to the state of the country, did not do much.

A proclamation issued by King Malietoa amongst other things prohibits the game of cricket being played. For a breach of this regulation the penalty has been fixed at a fine of $45 of three months’ imprisonment.

The new United States Consulate General building was used on the 4th of July, when Mr. Sewall gave a grand ball. It is a commodious and substantial structure.

One of the principal managers of the German plantation has been arrested and will be tried for ill-treatment of labor boys. When the case comes up in Court, some most unpleasant disclosures will be made.

A sporting club has been formed, and a three-quarter of a mile course laid out on suitable around.

The U. S. S. Mohican is the only war vessel in port.

A new law, relating to marriages and divorces, has been proclaimed.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 7/28/1890, p. 2)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XII, Number 23, Page 2. July 28, 1890.