Birthday gifts for Princess Liliuokalani, 1886.

Birthday Presentations to H. R. H. Princess Liliuokalani.

The following are the remarks made at the presentation to Her Royal Highness the Princess Liliuokalani, by the Prince’s Own Company and the Hookuonoono Society, during the festivities of September 2d:


The Prince’s Own Company of volunteers presented Her Royal Highness with a silver ice cream service, accompanied with a plush silk tablet and the following inscription: “Liliuokalani, from the Prince’s Own Corps, Sept. 2, 1886.” Captain James Boyd, in making the presentation, said:

Your Royal Highness:—Receive our aloha nui and aloha alii on this the occasion of your 48th birthday. In the name of every member of the Prince’s Own Corps, I can say that they are ready as a body to protect Your Royal Highness, the Throne and the Royal Family. We are happy to here tender our congratulations, renew our love, offer our alohas and wish Your Royal Highness many returns of this pleasant occasion. We pray that Your Royal Highness may be in God’s keeping.


The Hookuonoono Society, through Mrs. Junius Kaae, presented a magnificent silver tea and coffee set, with the name “Liliuokalani” engraved on each article. The following are the remarks made at the presentation:

Your Royal Highness—In the name of the Hui Hookuonoono, we present the love of this society on the anniversary of Your Royal Highness’ forty-eighth birthday, an occasion which we all enjoy. It was through Your Royal Highness that this society was established, and it is the duty of all members to do everything in their power to further the good work. As it was through Your Royal Highness this good work was started, so we all bear in our hearts love for both Your Royal Highness and the good work. To continue the society and make its future prosperous will be the society’s motto, and, in conclusion, we again present our love and go forth to perform that good work. We pray that God will keep Your Royal Highness in peace and prosperity.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 9/4/1886, p. 2)

Birthday Presentations to H. R. H. Princess Liliuokalani.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume V. Number 212, Page 2. September 4, 1886.