Thrum’s Valentines ad, 1887.

Valentines. Valentines.

The finest variety of Valentines ever opened up in Honolulu, are now on sale at

Thos. G. THRUM’S,
Book and Stationery Store, 106 Fort Street,
At prices ranging from

Five Cents up to Five Dollars


Representing—PRANG’S Valentine Novelties, HEILDSHEIMER’S Fringed goods, MARCUS WARD’S Cards.

McLOUGHLAN’S Sentimental and Comic Supplies, and THOMPSON’S Comicalities, Slim Jims and Double Folders.



First comers have choice of selection. Quick or you lose them.

Valentine’s Day February 14. Monday Next.

[Five dollars???]

(Daily Herald, 2/12/1887, p. 3)


The Daily Herald, Volume I, Number 140, Page 3. February 12, 1887.


Happy Valentine’s Day, 1897.

Yesterday [2/14/1897] was the day of lovers and jokers, and it is called by the haole, St. Valentine’s Day (La o Sana Valenatine), or maybe it is Sana Valekino. It is a day that gifts are given between lovers with affection or perhaps with fun or humor.

(Makaainana, 2/15/1897, p. 1)


Ka Makaainana, Buke VII—-Ano Hou, Helu 7, Aoao 1. Feberuari 15, 1897.