More on the famous paniolo of Waimea, 1908.

The Boys of Waimea are Victorious!

Ikua Purdy is the Champion Roper of the World—Archie Kaaua took 3rd—the American Boys are Weak¹.


Hanohano wale no o Mauna Kea
A ka hau e hoohenoheno nei
Me ka Ua Kipuupuu ame ke anu o Waimea
Me ka Ua Kipuupuu ame ke anu o Waimea

E walea ana paha, e nanea ana paha
I ka hone a ke kai hawanawana
Me ka Ua Kipuupuu ame ke anu o Waimea
Me ka Ua Kipuupuu ame ke anu o Waimea

CHEYENNE, Wyoming, August 22—Ikua Purdy of Hawaii took the name of champion of the world in the roping contest held today for the first time. It took 56 seconds from the release of the steer until it was tied fast. Archie Kaaua [Achie Kaaua] took 3rd, and Jack Low took 6th, and they are all from Hawaii.

The Hawaiian boys took 1st, 3rd, and 6th places in the great contest of Wyoming; this is news which all Hawaiian hearts can be happy about, for the honor garnered by our boys. Many expert ropers showed up, from the forests of the north, the champion of the wire lasso of the rugged plains of Alaska, the experts from the furrowed lands of the far south, the champion rider of the Pampas, the lightning-handed champion of Texas, and so many more; however, all of their knowledge and preparation was overcome by Ikua Purdy. Not one of them was his match, with his swift and skilled lassoing and felling of the steer in short time. 56 seconds was not the fastest time made by Ikua Purdy like the 38 3/4 seconds he achieved at Kapiolani Park some years earlier, however, it should be kept in mind that the conditions there are not the same as ours. McPhee is the one with the fastest time, 37 2/5 seconds gotten at a big contest held in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but from that time to now, he did not make that time again; he was constantly defeated by the Hawaiian boys in contests after that.


Glorious is Mauna Kea
Graced with snow
With the Kipuupuu Rain and the cold of Waimea
With the Kipuupuu Rain and the cold of Waimea

Relaxing at ease
At the soft whispering sea
With the Kipuupuu Rain and the cold of Waimea
With the Kipuupuu Rain and the cold of Waimea

¹I’m not sure if “Lahilahi” here is referring to the American boys being “deflated”…

(Kuokoa Home Rula, 8/28/1908, p. 1)

Lanakila na Keiki o Waimea!

Kuokoa Home Rula, Buke VI, Helu 35, Aoao 1. Augate 28, 1908.

Famed cowboy Ikuwa Purdy dies, 1945.

Ikuwa Purdy Passes

At 12:15 a. m. on July 4, the incompassionate hands of death reached out and plucked the life breath from the body of Ikuwa Purdy, as per the news received by Eben Low [Epena Low] of Honolulu. Ikuwa Purdy was 72 years old. His funeral will be held on Maui.

Ikuwa Purdy was the head cowboy at the ranch at Ulupalakua, Maui. He became the famous champion of the world in the year 1908 in roping and tying steer at Cheyenne, Wyoming [Waiomina], for speed. He roped and tied two steer at a record speed not achieved by anyone else. That record still stands and has not been broken.

Ikuwa was born in Mana, Waimea, Hawaii, and lived and worked at Parker Ranch [hui hanai holoholona o Paka] in his youth, and then with the Umikoa Ranch, Hamakua, and then he moved to Maui.

One of his proficient pupils at roping and tying cattle is William Kaniho of Waimea.

He left his wife, 9 children, and 3 grandchildren, behind grieving for him.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 7/18/1945, p. 2)

Ua Hala O Ikuwa Purdy

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XL, Number 12, Page 2. Iulai 18, 1945.