Vote for John B. Enos (Enoka), 1914.

J. B. ENOS (Enoka)


As a Republican candidate in the primary election.

John B. Enos is one of the candidates running for the position of supervisor [lunakiai] in this election season; he is not a stranger before you, O voting people of this county. He ran as a supervisor candidate in the last season and lost, but that is not something that made him step backwards; your support is greatly sought after in this primary election.

He was born in Makiki and educated at Royal School in Kehehuna, and graduated from that school; and he was married to one of the fine blossoms of his homeland, and he is working at his own painting business with only Hawaiian employees. This shows his true Hawaiian-ness, and his love for his fellow Hawaiians. Don’t forget him as the candidate for this coming primary election.

(Holomua, 9/12/1914, p. 5)

J. B. ENOS (Enoka)

Ka Holomua, Buke I, Helu 50, Aoao 5. Sepatemaba 12, 1914.

Hurricane passed by Ulupalakua? 1871.

From Ulupalakua.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

On the Estate of J. Makee, the Mill, the bell house, and a portion of the Mill Boiling House, the trees, and the decorative flowers of the yard. All of these things were left barren. The grinders are standing exposed, and the quarters of the employees of J. Makee were turned over, door faced down. Some were moved; all of the houses were flooded. The sugarcane of J. Makee was pushed down by the water and the wind. The Roads and stone walls turned into nothing, for Makee and all the areas of this district. There was much damage, and the thatched houses of the Hawaiians were left scattered about. This wind on the 9th of this month began at 10 o’clock until 1/2 past 2. After the strength of the wind died down, there was a little rain. I will conclude my time with this news. It would be better if I leave the majority for another writer to talk of the majority of the news. With Aloha.

John Kaikiohua.

Ulupalakua, August 9, 1871.

[John Kaikiohua appears to have been the Head Foreman of James Makee’s sugar plantation. This account is just one of many about the great storm’s affects on Ulupalakua, Makawao, Wailuku, and Hana, appearing in this issue of the Kuokoa.

It is interesting to see that this storm occurred 143 years ago, just one day later from Iselle!]

(Kuokoa, 8/19/1871, p. 3)

No Ulupalakua Mai.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke X, Helu 33, Aoao 3. Augate 19, 1871.