All kinds of fishes washed ashore, 1879.

[Found under: “Na mea Hou ma Olowalu, me Ukumehame.”]

January 25. The was much water that covered over all of Olowalu, and the sugarcane acreage of the Olowalu Sugar Company, and nearly one hundred acres was covered with ʻaʻā lava and sand above; and the sleeping quarters of the workers was moved by the water, but it did not get washed away, and there were no injuries.

This is the news that I should tell you all; that is about all of the different fishes that came ashore; this did not happen in floods before; they were only a few fish; but during this flood, there were a lot of fishes that came on shore. These are the fishes that I saw, heepuloa, kala, aweoweo,
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