“A Night in Hawaii of Old,” by Kaai Glee Club, 1913.


“A Night in Hawaii of Old” will recall to the memory of readers of Hawaiian history the days when the Kapu was destroyed and the Hawaiians adopted to some extent the manners and customs of the English speaking people. Ernest Kaai and the members of his Glee Club will portray scenes of this period on the twenty-third of January at the entertainment given for the passengers of the Cleveland. At a…


…rehearsal Thursday evening, Mr. Kaai cut the play so that there will be but three short acts, each one full of interesting events. One of the scenes will show the Hawaiians alphabet taught by the missionaries. Another part of the play which will perhaps be more exciting than the rest will  be the battle scene when the first shot was fired by the whites.

As dancing was one of the chief forms of entertainment in those days the services of some of the most talented of the Hawaiian dancers has been secured and they will give exhibitions of the most ancient of the dances during the evening.

There have been several of the concerts given by Kaai, but Mr. Kaai feels sure that the coming one will excell all of the others.

(Star-Bulletin, 1/20/1913, p. 12)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XX, Number 6489, Page 12. January 20, 1913.