Let Hawaiian be taught in the schools, 1939.

Something that Should be Done

Senator James Kealoha of Hawaii introduced a law into the Legislature to teach Hawaiian language in the government schools, and in schools that stand on land under the care of the Hawaiian Homes Commission [Komisina o na Home Hawaii].

The senator believes that by teaching children Hawaiian in the places shown above, for only Hawaiians live on Hawaiian Homes land, and it is right to teach them the mother tongue. This idea of the young senator is a fine one indeed. But in the mind of some people they do not believe that this is a very good bill to be supported by the other members of the senate as well as the house of representatives.

Thoughts expressed by some who are not Hawaiian is that this bill should be amended to whereby it is opened up widely and Hawaiian is taught at all government schools in the Archipelago.

If this young senator did not submit this bill, the thoughts of others would not have been known. Continue reading