Major Kealakai’s “Loaa Ko Puni Kauoha.” 1905.

Loaa Ko Puni Kauoha.

Lihilihi o ka Lehua
Aala o ka Hinano
He nahele kii wai a ka ua
Koolua e lia mau nei. Continue reading

Helen H. Roberts, ethnomusicologist, collecting mele from across the islands, 1923.

Talking about Welo Hou and the Roberts Collection of mele at the Bishop Museum, here is a post put up a while ago!



In this past Legislative session, $5,000 was set aside for the cost to prepare a book of “Ancient Hawaiian Music”. This endeavor has been given to Kamehameha School, and they are now utilizing this to preserve the “old mele olioli” of Hawaii nei. Miss Helen H. Roberts has been sent by the Trustees of the Kamehameha School to go amongst the Hawaiians and to search out ancient mele of Hawaii nei.

She is accompanied by a phonograph [ponotalapa (ipu malama olelo)], and is looking to have people chant ancient mele into the phonograph and to record and save it for generations to come. Not only mele olioli are being sought after, but also wanted are mele hula hoaeae of the Hawaiians. Many years from now the people who know these old mele will be gone, but these mele olioli and mele hoaeae will become something to look…

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