Flu warnings, 1920.

Signs of the Flu.

These are the signs of the Flu: a headache, sore throat, red eyes and muscle aches, but the back has the most pain. Sometimes, the pain is not severe and other times it is; and after three days of this then it begins to get better. These signs of the flu are not harmful to a person, but what is harmful is coming down with pneumonia after the Flu; and three days pass by and the person feels a little better and he thinks he is cured, and goes about outside and that is when pneumonia strikes. The only way a person will not get pneumonia is by laying down quietly and keeping warm and eating appropriate foods. You should not eat beef and fish; tea and coffee [??? ume kapa]. Continue reading

Chicken fight, 1939.


When cargo ships from the Matson Shipping Company make a stop here in Hilo, there is always a shipment of some boxes of chickens that are brought ashore. When they are brought to the place where they are cared for in the American Railway Express Office, there is not just one box of chickens or just one chicken, but there are  many boxes of chickens with about four chickens per box. These chickens that are being sent are only fighting chickens. They are chickens with fine feathers; most are dark red [ulahiwa]. Continue reading

First Kamehameha Song Contest, 1921.

This year it will be 100 years!



A large silver loving cup, the George Alanson Andrus trophy, will be presented tonight as the prize at the first annual interclass singing competition of the Kamehameha Boys’ School. the contest will be on the steps of Bishop museum and will be open to the public. Chester G. Livingston will be chairman of the judges, but other judges will not be known until after the contest.

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