More heirs to leprosy patients, 1902.



The heirs of the Leprosy Patients who died at the Leprosy Colony on Molokai, whose names appear below, are wanted to put before the Office of the Board of Health [Papa Ola], Kapuaiwa Hale, their claims to the remaining money of the estate of the ones who died, within two weeks from this day.

ARTHUR KAWAIELI (m) from Honolulu; 38 years old; taken to the Kahua Ma’i on July 25, 1893; died, March 5, 1900.

PILA PELO (m) from Puowaina, Honolulu; 22 years old; taken on October 25, 1898; died, August 18, 1900.

AH PAT (m) from Lahaina, Maui; 50 years old; taken on March 22, 1893; died, February 6, 1901. Continue reading

More sent to the leprosy colony, 1893.


Forty leprosy patients were put aboard the steamer Hawaii of this past Monday, and from amongst this number, there were 6 who were apprehended under the suspicion of having leprosy.

From amongst them, some are our friends and friends of others, living here and there, who are familiar with them; John K. Unea [John T. Unea] is from the Kanilehua Rain of Hilo, T. Nakanaela is from the Kukalahale Rain of Honolulu, A. Kawaieli is from Lanai of Kaululaau. Continue reading