Road to hell is paved with gold, 1915.


C. R. Forbes Warned from Undertaking by John G. Stokes; Will Put Up Markers

Plans that Charles R. Forbes, superintendent of public works, has had for the restoration of the heiaus on Hawaii will probably be abandoned as a result of a letter received by him recently from John G. Stokes, curator at the Bishop museum.

Mr. Stokes objects to having the heiaus built up again to a semblance of their original shape, as was the plan proposed by Superintendent Forbes, by taking rock that had fallen and resetting it in its old position. Mr. Stokes’ contention is that this would be an unwise thing to do, even in the interest of preserving the old relics. His statement is made after a careful study of them. Continue reading

Local news column from a hundred years ago, 1915.

Local News

L. M. Whitehouse was reselected as City Engineer [Luna nui o na Hana o ke Kalana], in place of W. A. Wall who will be terminated.

*     *     *

Prince Kampengpetch of Siam arrived yesterday with his wife. The governor received orders from the Office of the Interior [Keena Kalaiaina] at Washington to entertain them.

*     *     *

There is much woe over the inappropriateness of the will of the young millionairess of Mana [on Hawaii Island, she being Thelma Parker Smart], however, it is being seen as valid.

*     *     *

The great steamship company of ours is selecting Hawaiian singers to entertain the passengers travelling between Honolulu nei and San Francisco.

*     *     *

A decision from the jury in the case before the American Court of M. M. Pavao defiling a deaf girl has not been gotten. This is however the Christian era.

*     *     *

It has been announced that Ailata [??] will be blamed for setting on fire a pile of garbage at Iwilei. The piles of garbage remain there. [illegible digital image] Continue reading