Fount of knowledge, H. B. Nalimu, turns 96! 1931.


On the eleventh of November, 1835, Henry Benjamin Nalimu was born, at Papaaloa, North Hilo, Hawaii, the land of birth of his parents.

On November, he became ninety-six years old at “Kamaluokaohai,” at 1536 Alewa Drive, the home of his grandchildren.

Nalimu is a descendant of his ancestor I, who was a famed strategist of Kamehameha ka Na’i Aupuni.

The I, the Mahi, and the Palena, were famous troops of Kamehameha, and leaders of Kamehameha, and I commanded the troops of I.

In 1840, Nalimu left Papaaloa and lived in Pi’opi’o, Hilo, until 1847.

At that time, Kamehameha began to give land to the makaainana.

In 1852, Nalimu entered into the Hilo Boarding School.

D. B. Lyman was the principal at the time, and it was he who built that college on land given by the alii for that school.

In 1857, Nalimu became the assistant kahu of the church of Hilo, under the old Missionary Coan [Koana, Titus Coan].

He accompanied Coan to the cliffs of Hilo, climbing up and going down into the rivers. There were no bridges and no good roads at the time. The walked the trails until Kalapana. The shoes they wore were ti-leaf sandals [kamaa la’i], and pandanus root sandals [kamaa aahala], so that their feet would not be harmed by the rocks. Continue reading