Atomic bomb destroys Hiroshima, 1945.

Hiroshima is Leveled

GUAM—The crew of a large American bomber reported of a new type of bomb released above Japan; it fell with the rumbling of thunder, and it was like the strength of 2,00 large bombers; and it hit Hiroshima which disappeared in smoke and the red of fire.

The crew also stated, “The action taken upon Hiroshima at 9:15 in the morning when they arrived, the smoke rose like a mountain, dark at the base and rose to white, reaching about 40,000 feet in height.

Hiroshima is on the island of Honshu, and is on the shore of the Inland Sea [Kai Lokoaina], and it is a large camp for the soldiers of the army.

The population of that city was 318,000. And also one of the major ports of Japan is located there.

When the American aircraft released the bomb, Hiroshima was lit up with the light of the sun, and a few minutes later, smoke began to billow high into the sky.

Lieutenant General Spaatz said the strength of one of those new bombs was equal to the strength of 2,000 B-29 planes.

A picture of Hiroshima was taken when it was bombed. Four hours later, a spy plane flew over, and the city of Hiroshima could not be seen except for a few fires burning outside of the city limits. The great destruction was clear. The smoke billowed up 40,000 feet high, and it remained for hours after the bombing of Hiroshima.

The Pilot Tibbett said, “Hiroshima was chosen because it was clear, and we released the bomb with clear vision at 9:15 A. M.

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(Hoku o Hawaii, 8/15/1845, p. 1)

Hoopalaha Ia O Hiroshima

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XL, Number 16, Aoao 1. Augate 15, 1845.