Words for/from the youth of today, 2014.

Silent Constituencies and Building a Voice

I am a millennial and this year I am registering to vote.

The August primary will be my first opportunity to cast a ballot for publicly elected officials since I voted for Al Gore in a 1st grade presidential practice election.

I am genuinely eager to have my voice heard in the political sphere for the first time, even if it is in the form of one small piece of paper.

What makes me excited is that I’ve heard that those small pieces of paper can add up.

I am also a Hawaiian who is registering to vote…

[This obviously does not come from the the historic Hawaiian newspapers, but this same issue was written about time and time again in its pages, and it is interesting that we see this call for action being renewed today. For the entire article by Wyatt Bartlett of the island of Kama appearing on Civil Beat, see: Silent Constituencies and Building a Voice.]