“Ka Leialii o Hawaii,” another paper to keep your eyes out for! 1892 / Today.


On Monday last another Hawaiian daily was issued, named as above, meaning in English “The Crown of Hawaii.” It flies for its motto of love of Sovereign, Country and People. It is evidently a Tory of the rankest kind, from its motto, and from royal patronage displayed in its columns, and the names of royalists on its stock subscription. We have had on intimation, ever since the election of February last, that something of the kind was to be inaugurated in defense of sovereignty; and the causes that produced the sand-bag scare, has succeeded in giving birth to a full fledged Tory fledgling. We congratulate the Queen, in having her admirers start a paper in her interest, though evidently scared out of them.

[I do not know of any extant copies of this paper. Has anyone seen or heard of it?]

(Leo o ka Lahui, 4/19/1892, p. 4)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 435, Aoao 4. Aperila 19, 1892.